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Just writing to tell you how much our family adores your Sauce. I am a mom of two and I love to cook. I use Uncle Steve’s as a sauce for our pizzas, as a Stromboli dip, and of course, on our pastas. Besides the killer taste, the best part of all is that you use all organic ingredients and they are printed right on the front of the jar. Genius. Husband loves it, kids love it, I love it. Aaaaand we’re supporting a local business.  Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you Steve and team!  You nailed it!  Hugs and smooches -Dana






Like you, I also woke up to that great aroma. Dipping a fresh piece of Italian bread in the pot every Sunday morning. Love your sauce. I make my own at times, but who has time these days. Regards -John



The best jarred sauce I have ever tried! I’ve waited all my 60 years for something so delicious. Better than Lidia Bastianich’s, The Brownstone, and even gave mine a run for its money (was actually smoother and easier)! I’m moving to PA from North Jersey and must bring a case. Loved IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to try the others. -Marie



I have ordered it many times for dinners with my family. Each and every time it was was so good that all my family members thought I made it. – Michael



You are selling the greatest sauce and pasta. I USED to make my own……no more. – Thomas



Hi there. I am watching a Dr. Oz episode about GMOs and ran to my cabinet to see if my favorite jar of arrabiata sauce had them.  Tt was great to see you don’t use GMOs in your sauce! Keep up the good work! Love the sauce.  I buy it at grace’s Marketplace but will check out what other offerings you have here on your website.  Happy new year! – Kelly



“You have exceeded my expectations and your company is very honorable! I won’t hesitate to recommend your product to my friends for both personal use and for gifts. I am a big fan of Steve Schirripa and pleased he has allowed us to share his family recipes.”  – Ron, Gloversville



“One of the best jarred sauce I’ve ever tasted…been making my own sauces from family recipes all my life. This sauce is the taste of old home Sunday cooking.” – Laura, New York



“ This is too easy, I’m never making sauce again.” – Jay, Illinois



“You can literally eat it with a spoon straight out the jar it’s so good. I had a few of my coworkers try the Tomato & Basil and we unanimously voted ‘AMAZING’.” – Brett, New York



“I grew up to the smell of my mother’s sauce every Sunday morning so I am a tough critic….THIS is a homerun!” – Rocky, New York



“Just got my order – good stuff – great customer service!” – Barbara, Georgia



“Uncle Steve’s Sauces are amazing! I have never had jar sauce that tasted so homemade like this! Not to mention 100% organic and very low carb. Thanks!” – Karen, New Jersey



“Love the Arrabiata sauce! Perfect amount of spicy with a fresh tomato flavor” – Jessica, Texas



“Uncle Steve’s Marinara is BY FAR, the best I’ve ever had. It is absolutely delicious…better than any previously store bought, homemade, or restaurant sauce ever.” – Barbra, Nevada



“The best ever! His Tomato Basil sauce is heaven in a jar!!” – Lynn, Pennsylvania



“Very nice! Had a jar last night on top of capellini pasta. It hit the spot!” – Wendy,  Tennessee



“Absolutely delicious!” – Gabbie, New York



“Taste great! Organic too!…No guilt from added extra junk other companies sneak in there…just fresh whole ingredient sauce! Thanks Uncle Steve!” – Maria, New York



“Uncle Steve’s sauces rock! They are great tasting and healthy.” – Sylvia,  California



“Delightful!” – Tamara, California



“I love Steve and his sauces! Viva la Uncle Steve’s!” – Lisa, Alabama



“That tomato sauce is unreal, best I ever had. Sorry ma but his sauce is the best!” – Greg, New York