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Sfoglini Trumpets


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These hand made “trumpets” are the perfect compliment to Uncle Steve's sauce.

Organic semolina flour, water.

1 pound bag

Made in Brooklyn, NY

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Sfoglini Trumpets

Sfoglini Trumpets or Campanelle, “little bell” in Italian, is also called gigli “lilies” as it holds its shape in fluted petals like a flower or a horn. It is exceptionally fanciful with its frills and delicious when accompanied by a thick cheese sauce, baked in a casserole or tossed with vegetables, beans and lentils in a pasta salad. Check out our Recipe’s Page for more ideas on how to use penne.

Pairs beautifully with marinara sauce or use it as the base of your next pasta salad.


  • Organic semolina flour, water.
  • 1 pound bag
  • Manufactured by Sfoglini, 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11206

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