About Steve
Best known for his role of Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos, and now Detective  Anthony Abatemarco on the CBS hit show, Blue Bloods, Steve Schirripa has gone on to be a published author of the New York Times bestseller, A Goomba’s Guide to Life. This comical book includes chapters on growing up in Brooklyn, great Goomba’s in History, Goomba recipes and Goomba’s Do’s and Dont’s. His second book The Goomba’s Book of Love and his third The Goomba Diet, For Those with an Appetite for Life, are currently in stores nationwide.

With the popularity of the Goomba series, Steve was asked to write Goomba books for young adults. The first was entitled Nicky Deuce: Welcome to the Family, which was followed up by Nicky Deuce: Home for the Holidays. Because of the books’ success, Nickelodeon produced a film called Nicky Deuce which was released in May of 2013. Schirripa was Executive Producer as well as star of the film.

Steve had a very popular TV program in 2007 called Steve Schirripa’s Hungry. In the series Steve visits New York City restaurants and homes of various guests such as an Italian grandmother’s home for cooking lessons from the pros. “What’s round and very popular? If you’re talking about me you’re only partially right. I’m talking about the meatball. I’m Steve Schirripa and I’m hungry,” proclaims Schirripa at the start of one program dedicated to the art of the Italian meatball.

From 2009 to 2013 Steve was a starring cast member of the hit ABC Family series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager where he plays a single, hard-working father of a teenage boy.

“Growing up in Brooklyn, Sunday morning was the day you would wake up to the aroma of tomatoes, garlic and olive oil simmering on mom’s stove as she prepared the sauce for Sunday dinner. My fondest memories are from those days, my Italian heritage and the comfort of family.” – Steve Schirripa