Steve and Steve

Steve will be appearing on ‘One on One with Steve Adubato’ on Monday, August 31st. Four-time Emmy Award-winning anchor Steve Adubato will get Steve to open up about his stellar career as an actor, writer and sauce connoisseur.

The broadcast can be seen on NJTV at 7PM and 11:30PM, as well as WNET at 12:30AM. Check your local listings for additional air times.

Ice T & Coco Love Uncle Steve's

Ice & Coco love Uncle Steve’s! Steve visited the couple on their talk show and talked about his career and, of course, Uncle Steve’s. Ice, Coco, and the entire studio audience were given complimentary jars of Steve’s sauce.

Ice and Coco also gave Steve a blind taste test of sauces, to see if he could pick out his own brand. See the results below!


Flavorful World

Clean flavors, great texture, and fresh, organic ingredients all contribute to a product that nimbly avoids the trap of tasting like something that came out of a jar.

Take a look at the meals created using Uncle Steve’s and the great review from Flavorful World.

Read the full review here.

August 18, 2015
Steve Schirripa on Ice & Coco

Steve will be appearing on Ice-T and Coco Austin’s new daytime talk show, ‘Ice & Coco,’ on Thursday, August 20th. For more info, visit Ice & Coco’s website. Check below for listings.

New York FOX 5 11:00 AM
Los Angeles FOX 11 1:00 PM
Washington D.C. FOX 5 12:00 PM
Atlanta FOX 5 1:00 PM
Phoenix FOX 10 2:00 PM
Detroit FOX 2 2:00 PM
Baltimore MyTV 24 4:00 PM
Raleigh MyRDC28 12:00 PM

Spicy Meatball Quesadillas From Gluten Free Jess

Gluten Free Jess was kind enough to post another recipe using Uncle Steve’s Marinara sauce. This time, she’s created a delicious, gluten free recipe for spicy meatball quesadillas.

“If you are the kind of person who likes to have something to dip your quesadillas in, use some of Uncle Steves’ Marinara Sauce!”

Find the full recipe here and try it out for yourself.

August 11, 2015