Steve Schirripa Sunny Side Up Sprout

Steve on Sprout: In case you missed it, Steve joined Emily and Chica on Sprout’s “Sunny Side Up Show” and helped them make lasagna.

0 Reviews Uncle Steve’s sauces. “Steve Schirripa achieved fame for his role as Bobby Baccalieri in “The Sopranos.” He’s turned to the family again for his latest recipe for success,” writes food critic and avid food blogger Rachel J. Weston. Check out the full story at

November 19, 2014
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Uncle Steve's Natural Products Expo

Uncle Steve’s, A favorite pick at the Natural Products Expo

Food Examiner Dara Bunjon shares her favorite picks from the Natural Products Expo East:

“A problem with the tomato based pasta sauces they have added sugar, and sometimes are too sweet. With that in mind, my pick is Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties which offers three sauces; marinara, tomato basil and arriabbiata. The three sauces have no sugar added along with being gluten free, non-GMO, organic and Kosher certified. You are able to buy on line in 3 pack. This is a Steve Schirripa’s family recipe. You ask who is Steve Schirripa? He is most notable for his recurring role on HBO’s Sopranos.” Dara Bunjon

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November 12, 2014
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Uncle Steve's Penne Recipe

A recipe for Penne Pasta with Uncle Steve’s™ Arrabiata Sauce by the Real Mom of SFV Blog

Jen of Real Mom of SFV Blog recently wrote a review of our sauces and came up with her very own recipe.

“I just pick up whatever sauce that’s available at my local grocery store but this time I wanted to make it with one of Uncle Steve’s™ organic pasta sauces.”

Take a look at her recipe for Penne Pasta with Ground Beef using Uncle Steve’s™ Arrabiata Sauce.

Read more about this recipe at Real Mom of SFV Blog

Steve Schirripa on The Mommy Show

Check out Steve on “The Mommy Show” as he talks with Ilana Wiles about his book “Big Daddy’s Rules,” and describes what it takes to raise two girls. “The four greatest words in the English language are ‘because I said so’,” Steve explains.

Later, after having a tea party with Ilana’s daughter, Steve shows off his culinary skills by making pizza with the family. He also offers up a few friendly words of advice for her husband. Go to Ulive to see more.