Uncle Steve’s Now Available at Central Market

Uncle Steve's Now Available at Central Market! "Steve packed the same aromas of ripe, whole tomatoes, organic onions, garlic, rich extra virgin olive oils, and real, organic spices into each jar. Pour over your favorite pasta or use a dip. Either way, this is your new go-to pasta sauce!" Uncle Steve's Products are now available [...]

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Review: To Live & Diet in LA

Review: To Live & Diet in LA tests Uncle Steve's Sauce. - "I whipped up this simple dinner in about 10 minutes using Uncle Steve’s Tomato Basil Sauce — my new favorite organic pasta sauce. It was positively scrumptious." Uncle Steve’s sauce is also listed among the recipe ingredients and in the closing paragraph as follows: - "Uncle [...]

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Steve at Battery Park

Check out Uncle Steve at Battery Park, promoting his sauce. “People love Italian food, and Italians love Italian food,” Schirripa said. “It’s just something you grow up with and it means more than just sitting down and eating, anyone can do that. It’s family, the kids, and tradition. How things are made year after year.” What: Uncle [...]

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Review: Gluten Free Mike

Review: Gluten Free Mike. "...The sauce tasted fresh. I kid you not, it had the perfect balanced acidity that you look for in the perfect sauce. Delicate notes of garlic and basil add a subtle spiciness that plays perfectly against the sweetness of the tomatoes." See more at: Gluten Free Mike

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