4/24/14 Interview with Mark Simone on WOR 710

Listen to Steve Schirripa's 4/24/14 interview with Mark Simone on WOR 710. In case you missed it, give a listen to Steve Schirripa's Interview with on the Mark Simone show from yesterday 4/24. Listen to the whole interview at WOR 710.

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Review: Mom Trends

Review: Mom Trends. "I loved tasting the fresh tomatoes and basil that was simmered with vegetables and infused with spices. It was a delicious way to serve up a quick and healthy meal that got rave reviews from the kids." Read more at Mom Trends.  

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Review: THE FOOD DUO. "When I opened up our jar of Uncle Steve’s Arrabbiata, the first thing that came to mind was that it was so close to my grandmother’s sauce...you know that’s a winner when you can’t enough of a good thing." Read more of this review at Food Duo.

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